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2014.04.26 | Staff Reports

Visiting faculty testimonial: Nea Matzen

Read about journalist and lecturer Nea Matzen's exchange from Hamburg University to UC Berkeley in March and April, 2014.

2014.04.26 | Staff Reports

Visiting faculty testimonial: Suzanne Franks

Read Erasmus Mundus scholar Suzanne Franks' report on her scholarship visit, which took her from City University London to the University of California, Berkeley.

2014.04.26 | Staff Reports

Visiting faculty testimonial: Tonny Brems Knudsen

Read Erasmus Mundus scholar Tonny Brems Knudsen's report on his scholarship visit from Aarhus University to the University of Technology, Sydney, in April 2014.

Jutland Station Editorial Team

2014.04.02 | Student Showcase

Mundus students help launch regional news site

Online news magazine Jutland Station has launched in Aarhus, providing some competition in the country's west to Denmark's only other English language news website, The Copenhagen Post

2014.02.28 | Alumni

Alumni Profile: Dr Scott Eldridge II

What and who is a journalist in the post-WikiLeaks era? In this alumni profile Dr Scott Eldridge II puts his own argument forward in answer to this question - based on a theory he developed as part of his PhD. He also shares his insights into transitioning from practicing journalism to studying it.

2013.12.15 | Staff Reports

Scholar report: Sara Nofri

In this scholar report Dr Sara Nofri reminisces on her winter trip from University of Hamburg to the warmer climate of Berkeley, Califorina

2013.11.30 | Staff Reports

Scholar report: Tom Goldstein

In this scholar report, UC Berkeley Professor Tom Goldstein discusses his trip from California to Aarhus, Amsterdam and London.

2013.10.02 | Student Showcase

My move to Denmark for journalism with a difference

"If you want to become a journalist, but aren’t prepared to enter the MA treadmill, this may be the course for you," writes student Sam Richardson for journalist resource website Wannabe Hacks.

Showcase of IRPI investigations

2013.08.05 | Alumni

Mundus alumna forms investigative reporting centre

Guia Baggi is part of a collective of Italian journalists who are trialling an innovative model for financing investigative stories via a newly-established not-for-profit online media hub.

2013.08.02 | Alumni, Research

Former Mundus student's publishing success

Guia Baggi's work on non-profit investigative journalism has appeared in the prestigious German journal, Message.

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