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We need you to fill the Online Registration to get your data into our database, while the Application Form (the interactive PDF you must include in the Application Package) is targeted to the Consortium's Selection Committee, who will receive your whole Application Package for evaluation.

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General Data
Year 2 // Specialisation University // Study Profile
Please select which two study profiles should be your first and second priority in your second year. Please read the study profile descriptions very carefully as you will have no possibility of changing after enrolment.
Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Application

Please familiarise yourself with the two different categories of Erasmus Mundus scholarships, before you select below. Applicants who apply for a scholarship will also be offered the possibility of self-funded admission if selected by the Consortium for admission, but not for a scholarship.

English Language Proficiency
If English is not your first language, you are required to obtain at least 7.0 in the IELTS Academic language test.
You need to submit an IELTS test before January 10 in order to be considerd for a scholarship.
Academic Qualifications - Bachelor level
Undergraduate degree(s) - Bachelor level
Academic Qualifications - Master level (if obtained)
Journalism Experience # 1
Journalism Experience # 2
Journalism Experience # 3
Journalism Experience # 4
Application Package
The title of the PDF-file must be: Your full name – first choice specialisation destination – application category. EXAMPLE: Hannah Maria Taylor – Swansea – Category A
The PDF should be one single file including the following documents in the specific order given below. You can use Adobe Acrobat or other software programs to create your PDF file.
The single PDF document should include:
1. Your completed (and signed!) application form.
2. Academic documents - University transcripts and diplomas/certificates.
3. Journalistic documents - Proof of experience and work samples.
4. Language documents - IELTS certificate or other documentation of language skills.
5. Curriculum Vitae.
6. Academic and journalistic reference letters.
7. Documentation on your nationality or nationalities.
8. Other relevant documentations (e.g. documentation on special needs/disability).
Please read the following declaration carefully. If you agree with the declaration, please submit the application. Unfortunately we are unable to consider your application if you do not agree with the declaration.